The Stony Plain Road and Area Business Association is building something special on Stony Plain Road and we are calling it the Market District. Public Markets – have public goals – attracting shoppers to a commercial district, providing affordable retailing opportunities to small businesses, preserving locally grown and displacing an undesirable use of public space. With the development of public gathering spaces on the north and south side Stony Plain Road and 152 Street, this creates an oasis for family and friends to gather.  In addition, the growing collection of antique and unique shops adds to the draw of treasure seekers.  This will not be built overnight, but with persistence and increased support of investors, surrounding communities and friends of the market this vision will one day be a destination.

The Big Picture

Image strolling six blocks on both side of Stony Plain Road  which anchors at one end a large indoor/outdoor market and the other open green spaces for gathering with friends and family.  The walk in between is a showcase of antiques, home décor, specialty foods, gently used recycled goods with the options of stopping alone the way for a specialty coffee, some fresh pastry, fresh food creations and other tasty delights.  Wouldn’t this be a place you would like to frequent regularly? We think so and we are building it between 151 Street to 157 Street Stony Plain Road.

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